Structural Engineering Services

Structural Engineering cost breakdown for typical projects


Costs along with quality of service are usually the main deciding factors in the selection of an engineering firm. We like to be upfront with our costs and understand some of you are simply looking for a price range to budget for your project. Costs are project specific and are determined in advance based on an hourly estimate of the work. This means that complexity and travel distance play a role in our prices. Dollar figures below are meant to be a rough estimate and are intended to be used as a guide:

-Site consultation ($400) + optional ($200) consultation report

-Detailed seismic assessment ($600) + optional ($200) consultation report

**For sealed documentation such as a letter of professional opinion, assessment report or written recommendations, an administrative fee of $200 is applied as shown in the price above**

-Detailed structural engineering design ($150/hr). Design of your average new built would be between 8 to 12 hours. Complex renovations sometime take more time due to the extra effort that needs to go into accommodating existing conditions and finishes.

-Structural drafting ($100/hr). This varies on the project complexity and the amount of detailing we need to provide to accurately communicate the design intent. Typical new built will range between 10 to 16hrs. On some simple project, structural markups can be provided. This saves on drafting costs but limits the amount of information that can be provided on the drawings. From experience, this usually results in more involvement during the construction phase which shifts the planning costs into execution. 

-Field review ($350). For the Victoria area, we charge $350 for field reviews. This is required by municipalities on most projects. This serves to confirm construction meets design intent. Typically 2 are required. One to review rebar placement and one to review framing before structural elements are covered. Amount of field review is heavily dependent on contractor phasing and execution.

-Construction phase ($130/hrs). Communication and coordination during construction is typically charged hourly and tracked at the 15min increment. This is heavily dependent on your builder's experience and unforeseen site condition during construction. Average project construction phase typically range from 1 to 3 hours. 


Architectural design services

Architectural design cost breakdown for typical projects


Mavericks do not brand itself as an architectural design firm. However, we happen to have on staff an incredibly talented and experience architectural technician with over 25 years of architectural drafting experience and 10 years of experience as a professional builder. This means that his designs takes into consideration the building processes. As he creates, he visualizes how it will be built. This saves headaches during construction.


Mavericks might not be your best choice for architectural design if you are looking for a unique and intricate design. We would recommend you to hire a designer or an architectural firm. However, we will provide you with a competitive alternative if you already have your design concept in mind or if you are planning a renovation or an addition to an existing home. A main advantage is having your engineer truly involved with the design from the start.

Our rate is ($100/hr). The range on design project varies from 10 to 20 hours for home additions and up from there based on complexity. A completely new design for a complex new built could go up to 100hrs worth of work. This is however simply an approximation and is dependent on the complexity of the project.

This architectural design service produces a permit ready set of architectural drawings and will be adapted to specific municipality requirements. 


Project Management and Development services

Typical costs


Mavericks offers project management and municipal development services at ($100/hr).

Our project management services give you flexibility to bring in extra horsepower to your project during the planning phase. Whether you want Mavericks to coordinate various professionals on your behalf such as architectural designer, hazardous material sampling, surveying, etc. our hourly rate provide options. We handle quotes on your behalf and recommend best value based on experience. Typically, we see this small project management investment save considerable amount to our clients by bringing professionals at the right time and selecting the best fit.

Our development services is billed at ($100/hr) similarly as with project management services. This service is intended to navigate through your existing zoning and its associated bylaws. This will provide recommendations to yield the best return on investment on your project. Whether your lot allows for one or two secondary suites or you would like a secondary building on your lot, we will provide you with recommendations. If you wish to take your project through a board of variance, rezoning, subdividing, etc. we can act as your agent and handle the project on your behalf. This includes building permit submissions and various administrative tasks. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.