Affiliations and Memberships


Engineer and Geoscientist British Columbia

EGBC regulates and governs the professions of Engineering under the authority of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act. Their website provides tremendous information with regards to engineering standards and up to date information. It allows you to search their member's directory for up to date licenses.

Project Management Institute

Project Management Institute

PMI is the world’s leading project management organization with over 500,000 Global Members and over 280 Local Chapters Internationally. PMI Org provides the professional designation of PMP (Project Management Professional). Their website provides great value with regards to resources in project management. 

Vancouver Island PMI Chapter

Project Management Institute Vancouver Island Chapter

The main goals of the Vancouver Chapter is:

  • To support the professional development of PMI members, and,
  • To advance the discipline of Project Management on Vancouver Island, both in the workplace and community.

Membership provides a solid and local network of peers and highly qualify project managers to share ideas and practices with one common goal: to grow as professionals.

RMC Club of Canada

RMC club of Canada

The purpose of the RMC club is to bring together members to achieve together greater goals. The RMC Club support the development of the next generation of leaders in the Canadian Armed Forces and in our society.

Canadian Military Engineering Association

Canadian Military Engineering Association

The CMEA is a dynamic association open to all members of the Canadian Military Engineer family that are serving or has served in the past. Please visit their website to see the amazing things the CMEA does for our society and our veterans.