Why choose us?

We are good at what we do

We deliver precise and tailored services in a timely manner. We zero in on your needs and price a package suitable for your project without overcharging with services you don't necessarily need.

We like style

Ask us how smart engineering design can turn a simple renovation into a design statement. As we work with builders and designers, we consider design impacts during our structural engineering design process.

We combine engineering and builder expertise

At Mavericks, we consider how our structural design might impact the built. On all our projects, we include an experienced builder review in our processes. This helps save construction costs and produces efficient designs.

We work with industry veteran

Depending on the complexity of your project, our network of industry veterans brings layers of expertise from multiple engineering and construction fields. Every project is unique, we'll bring them in as required. 

We truly care

We have established our services with a priority around customer service. We understand that building a home can be stressful for you or your client. We have time for questions. We understand your project is more than a project file number, it will be something permanent that you or your client will live in for a while. Let's get it right from the start.