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Keil Monette-Saillant, P.Eng, PMP

Following a rewarding career as a Construction Engineering Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, Keil followed his dream and opened his own business. He brings an unparalleled work ethic and a fresh perspective to the industry. He truly cares about people and will do everything he can to offer a service that suits his clients.

Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada - Kingston, ON

P.Eng British Columbia license # 45148

Project Management Professional (PMP) designation

Masters Certificate in Project Management - Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, Victoria, BC

Darren Sopher

Starting his construction career on the tools, Darren worked as a builder for many years. He is an expert at finding 'the diamond' in the rough on the market and transforming it into the most profitable real estate option. Continually improving his craftsmanship and in-turn, tool collection, has given him what he requires when crossing the next 'project' bridge. 

Graduate Cert. in Project Management (PMI) from Royal Roads University - Victoria, BC

Bachelors in Justice Studies from Royal Roads University - Victoria, BC

Diploma/Certificate in Business Administration from University of Victoria - Victoria, BC

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From Quebec to West Coast


I was raised just north of Montreal in the country. I joined the Canadian Armed Forces and completed my engineering degree through the Royal Military College. It has been a great experience that prepared me for challenges ahead. Following university, I embarked on multiple Construction Engineering trade courses. This gave me the opportunity to live in multiple provinces (New-Brunswick, Ontario and BC) and learn applicable engineering skills used by the Forces. My appointment in Victoria on the Naval Base exposed me to complex management positions within the engineering community. My experience in the Forces and in the various engineering positions prepared me to be successful in my next enterprise: Mavericks Solutions Ltd  

Work Experience


Canadian Armed Forces Engineering Officer, retired at the rank of Major, led contract sections, prepared and reviewed proposal for government construction and maintenance contracts. 

Led the Operations section (180 employees) responsible for the maintenance of Base infrastructure,

Provided engineering review for consultant packages for new constructions in industrial and commercial applications to confirm maintainability of systems.

Residential and light commercial structural engineering. New built and renovation projects of all types. I have tackled complex projects as well as simple ones. I'm not afraid to work with other professionals when a project requires different areas of expertise. My project management background  helps bringing all puzzle pieces together for a successful project.

Project Management


Project management principles shapes how I perform work on a daily basis. It allows me to be thorough in anything I work on, big or small. I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Project management was introduced to me through the Canadian Armed Forces Operational Planning Process which shapes operational success during most difficult situations and missions. This solid framework spiked my interest and led me to pursue its industry recognized equivalent: the Project Management Institute framework. This allows for structure in projects, common vocabulary between project professionals and tools to provide data for decision making during execution.

Rest assured your project will be in good hands.

My Ambitions


Building a great company that allows me to achieve a great Work/Life balance while doing what I love: Structural engineering

What I like most...


I really enjoy my work. I get absorbed for hours at times, especially when I'm trying to solve a complex problem.

When I'm not working, you will find me enjoying the outdoors, camping or surfing (at least trying to).

I like coffee (especially Discovery Coffee), Scotch and local beers. My favorite breweries these days are Yellow Dog and Parallel 49. They are simply fantastic!

LinkedIn profile


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Prairies to the West Coast


Raised in Saskatoon, I have spent many winters shovelling snow and took a few years to find a good 'calling' that would take me into a career I would enjoy. 

From early on I was exposed to real estate and renovations. This experience in the trades lead me to assist in new home building and undertaking larger renovations on my own. 

I explored new options, while keeping a few revenue properties, and ended up entering the Forces as a pilot. As my training progressed, my first posting took me to Vancouver Island after my officer training was completed. 

Deciding to eventually release from the forces, pursue education and continue with real estate/renovations in Victoria, BC has led me to my present standing.

Experience in the trades


From 2007, I have been renovating houses and started to buy/sell properties. This was definitely the beginning of my passion for real estate.

During the next few years, I assisted in new home construction of both; a duplex and a single family home (breaking ground-to-finish carpentry). 

Speeding forward a few more years, I continue to renovate and seek out new real estate on Vancouver Island and plan to settle into perfecting my renovation and carpentry skills into the future. The use of tile work and interior design has been my top achievement in the past few years, and I intend to continue to improve the quality when working with Mavericks Solutions Ltd.

Passion for real estate and Project Management


I have always been fascinated with real estate and the potential it has for investment regarding value and opportunity.

Property held for investment purposes I have found to be a very valuable asset when looking to the future. Researching the next opportunity has become a part of my everyday routine and has even allowed  my desire to mix hobbies with work a complete success.

Pursuing higher education within the Project Management Institute (PMI) realm has provided the skills, processes and methodologies which was well matched to my ongoing experience.

Enjoying the little things


Living on the West Coast has allowed me to experience and fully grasp the enjoyment the outdoors has to offer. Traveling and observing different areas, with different styles of building has continually allowed me to fully enjoy my adventures while still taking notes and bringing new ideas to the table.

Whether surfing in Tofino, stand-up paddling in Jordan River and Victoria, camping and hiking the pacific rain forests - enjoying craft beer and excellent coffee is definitely a constant along the way. 

What I like most..



Surfing/Paddle Boarding

Live Edge Furniture




Backroad Road Trips


Questions about Real Estate or Building?


If your considering purchasing a property and would like a second opinion, I encourage questions and/or advise so you make the right choice.