Structural engineering and Drafting Services in Victoria


Structural Engineering Design(s)

If your seeking structural engineering in Victoria for a design to match up with your building options, Mavericks may offer you some insight on what might be a feasible solution to your questions or aspirations.

Projects either new or small-to-large renovations can be worked on and designed by Mavericks to meet your required deadlines. (We can't guarantee miracles, but we can give you an honest timeframe. We can personalize your requirements to help with the overall project). 

Drafting and Architectural Design Service(s)

Do you have an idea and you need some help getting it on paper? Lets have a visit and see if Mavericks would be able to take your ideas and turn them into a blueprint that you can use. A technical background, builders experience, and a structural engineer's touch in your design will provide you with a superior design. We draft smart and efficient products. This will save you time and money. 

Site Consultation

Whether you're a potential buyer, seller, renovator or builder - allow Mavericks to come take a look. 

No matter the size or scale of your project, having an engineer that can find solutions, answer questions, and offer advice can be a big help.

If your seeking a sealed letter of professional opinion or a complete structural design to move your project forward, have a chat with Keil.

Baseline Condition Assessment

Mavericks offers detailed baseline conditions assessments for home owners in need of a unbiased third party to capture current structural condition. This plays a crucial role in any claim insurance process. Prior to nearby blasting or excavation work taking place, bring us in for an assessment. This will be significantly more effective to relate proper cause then to try to determine after the fact.

Seismic Resilience Assessment

Older homes were not constructed to the same standards as seen in today's codes. This structural engineer report provides a general assessment of your structure and will identify areas in your structure that may pose additional risks. It will provide you with recommendations and allow you to make informed decisions when the time comes, ultimately getting you the biggest bang for your buck on your renovation project.

Project Management (Design phase) and Development Services

Mavericks may assist and advise on the organization pertaining to areas of your project. Certain activities are better to before others. Most of the time, this avoids rework and allows to build-up on existing planing work. Instead of bringing professional twice, bring them once at the right time. If you need to know or have questions about 'what comes first?', e-mail us or give us a call. Working side by side, 'you' as the contractor, builder, home owner or do-it-yourselfer - Mavericks will not leave you hanging.

 Mavericks offers development services to help you shape your ideas into executable projects navigating through municipality bylaws. Mavericks will assist you in submitting your construction permit, re-zoning applications, subdivision or variances if required. We will be engaged to provide recommendation to identify the path of least resistance in your project. The one that has the best chance to increase your property value and run smoothly through the city. We play by the rules so no unforeseen delays can put your project in jeopardy.